Grenoble Geomechanics Newsletter-no.22

This is the 22nd edition of the GéoMécanique newsletter. The month of May and the days off are over. Despite the holidays, our group doesn’t rest and keeps working hard! This new edition contains the latest news regarding research publications, conference visits and other activities of the staff and students from the GéoMécanique group of Laboratoire 3SR (Sols, Solides, Structures – Risques). If you have something you want to share, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: Please feel free to forward the letter to colleagues and friends, and let them know that they can subscribe by themselves here. Enjoy.

SONY DSCA couple of weeks ago the “Journées du labo” took place in Avigliana. We want to thank Olga , Dominique, Mireille and Cyrille for organizing this event. We had the chance to socialize with our colleagues during the coffee breaks, copious lunches and social activities. Plus, some people of our group presented their research to the whole lab. However, the most significant achievement was carried out by Marcus Guadagnin Moravia and Bruna Garcia, the video contest winners and members of the GéoMécanique group:


The article “Liquid water uptake in unconfined Callovo Oxfordian clay-rock studied with neutron and X-ray imaging” by Eleni Stavropoulou, Edward Andò, Alessandro Tengattini, Matthieu Briffaut, Frédéric Dufour, Duncan Atkins, Gilles Armand, has been published in Acta Geotechnica

“A discrete numerical model involving partial fluid-solid coupling to describe suffusion effects in soils” by R.Aboul Hosna, L.Sibille, N.Benahmed and B.Chareyre has been published in Computers and Geotechnics.

The article “Phase segmentation of concrete x-ray tomographic images at meso-scale: Validation with neutron tomography” by Olga Stamati, Emmanuel Roubin, Edward Andò and Yann Malecot, has been published in Cement and Concrete Composites.

“Modeling concrete exposed to high temperature: Impact of dehydration and retention curves on moisture migration” by D. Dauti, S. Dal Pont, B. Weber, M.Briffaut, N. Toropovs, M. Wyrzykowski, G. Sciumé, has been published in the International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics

“Critical review of the description of concrete’s damage-permeability coupling using continuous and regularized elastic-based damage models – New strain-based matching law” by D. Bouhjiti, M. Ezzedine El Dandachy, F. Dufour, S. Dal Pont, M. Briffaut, J. Baroth, B. Masson has been accepted in the Numerical Methods in Geomechanics.

“COST TU1404 benchmark on macroscopic modelling of concrete and concrete structures at early age: Proof-of-concept stage” by A. Jędrzejewska, F.Benboudjema, L. Lacarriere, M. Azenha, D. Schlicke, S. Dal Pont., A. Delaplace, J. Granja, K. Hájková, P. Heinrich, G. Sciumè, E. Strieder, E. Stierschneider, V. Smilauer, V. Troyan, has been published in Construction and Building Materials.

The International Society of Porous Media “Interpore” released a Research Spotlight on, and more specifically the hydro-mechanical couplings available therein.


Visits and conferences

Bruno Chareyre gave a keynote lecture (Coupling DEM and fuids at the pore scale: recent advances and further issues) at the 2nd Yet Another Discrete Element Workshop. The workshop was organized at Irstea Aix en Provence. Eduard Puig also participated with a regular talk entitled “Micromechanical study of multiphase flow based on the lattice Boltzmann method”

Mustafa Sari from the University of New South Wales visited the lab in May and gave a talk on “Geomechanical Modelling of Pore Collapsing in Soft Porous Rocks: Insights From Triaxial Experiments and Numerical Simulations in Sandstone, Mudstone And Shale Samples”.

The International Symposium on Micro to macro mathematical modelling in soil mechanics was held in Reggio Calabria (Italy) on May 29 – June 01, 2018, at the University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria. Our group delivered the following talks:

  • “Experimental access to the mechanics of sand at its constitutive scale”, Edward Andò
  • “Measuring the evolution of contact fabric in shear bands with x-ray tomography”, Max Wiebicke
  • “An assessment of discrete element approaches to infer intergranular forces from experiments on 2D granular media”, Mathias Tolomeo
  • “In-situ x-ray tests for an image-based FE meso-model for cementitious materials”, Olga Stamati
  • “Discrete element modeling of crushable tube-shaped particles”, Gaël Combe
  • “A micro-mechanics focused experimental investigation of cemented granular materials”, Alessandro Tengattini.

Bruno Chareyre attended and presented in the InterPore 10th Annual Meeting and Jubilee which took place in New Orleans from May 14th-17th, 2018.


Group photo of Micro to macro Mathematical Modelling in Soil Mechanics conferece


Ivan Deiros has defended the 2nd of May, 2018. His PhD entitled “A Multi-scale study of the degradation of railway ballast” was supervised by Gaël Combe, Fabrice Emeriault, Charles Voivret and Jean-François Ferellec.

Robert Caulk, PhD student at University of California San Diego, has been selected as a recipient of a Chateaubriand Fellowship supported by the Make Our Planet Great Again Initiative. Robert is a developer and active member of the community. This grant will cover a 9-month stay in Grenoble for further collaborative efforts in relation to micro-hydro-mechanical couplings.


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