Grenoble Geomechanics Newsletter-no.5

The 5th edition of the GéoMécanique newsletter is brought to you by Chao Yuan. It contains the latest news regarding research publications, conference visits and other activities of the staff and students from the GéoMécanique group of Laboratoire 3SR (Sols, Solides, Structures – Risques). If you have something you want to share, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: Please feel free to forward the letter to colleagues and friends, and let them know that they can subscribe by themselves here. Enjoy.


The paper “Relation between microstructure and loading applied by a granular flow to a rigid wall using DEM modeling”, by Adel Albaba, Stéphane Lambert(*), François Nicot(*) and Bruno Chareyre, appeared in Granular Matter (full paper). (*IRSTEA)

The paper entitled “Modeling of fluid leakage through multi-cracked RC structural elements using a numerical probabilistic cracking approach”, by G.Rastiello, C.Desmettre, J.Tailha, P.Rossi, J.Charron and S.Dal Pont, has been accepted for publication in Materials and Structures.

An extension of the DEM method implemented in Yade-DEM is described in “Modelling of deformable structures in the general framework of the discrete element method”, recently published in Geotextiles & Geomembranes by Anna Effeindzourou*, Bruno Chareyre, Klaus Thoeni*, Anna Giacomini*, and François Kneib. It results from a collaboration with our colleagues from Newcastle AU. (*Univ. Newcastle, Australia)

Visits and conferences

Zhaohua Li and Adel Albaba have participated in the 22nd French Congress of Mechanics – CFM 2015 – held at Lyon, France, 24-28 August. Zhaohua has presented a talk on ”Modélisation des glissements de terrian induits par les pluies“, and Adel delivered a presentation titled “Modélisation DEM d’un ouvrage métallique souple en contexte torrentielle“

COMPLAS XIII: the following abstracts have been published for the XIII International Conference on Computational Plasticity Fundamentals and Applications in Barcelona:

  • DEM-FEM Multi-scale modelling: overcoming numerical issues, by A. Argilaga, J. Desrues, S. Dal Pont, G. Combe and D. Caillerie. (download)
  • Double scale numerical FEM-DEM analysis for cohesive-frictional materials, by J. Desrues*, T.K. Nguyen, A. Argilaga, S. Dal Pont, G. Combe, D. Caillerie. (download)

Particles 2015: the following abstracts have been accepted by the IV International Conference on Particle-Based Methods in Barcelona, Spain, 28-30 September:

  • “From elasto-plasticity to visco-elasto-plasticity for saturated granular materials” (B. Chareyre*, D. Marzougui and J. Chauchat)
  • “What is wrong in Love-Weber stress for unsaturated granular materials?” (C. Chalak*, B. Chareyre and F. Darve)
  • “Modeling the behavior of flexible barriers impacted by granular flows using Discrete Element Method” (A. Albaba*, S. Lambert, F. Nicot and B. Chareyre)
  • “A pore-scale approach of two-phase flow in granular porous media” (C. Yuan*, B. Chareyre and F. Darve)
  • “Rock-mass propagation simulated by continuum and discrete approaches: benefits and drawbacks” (F. Gracia*, S. Cuervo, V. Richefeu, P. Villard and P. Plotto)
  • “Distribution of liquid clusters inside a granular packing by LBM” (V. Richefeu, F. Radjaï and J-Y. Delenne*)


From 16 September to 15 December 2015 3SR-Geomecanics group will welcome Stella Maris MOREIRA from IANIGLA CONICET-MENDOZA (Argentina) geomorphologist in order to work on numerical modeling of rock avalanches with Dominique Daudon. Her stay is for 3 months with a Campus France Bernardo Houssay financial Support.

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