Grenoble Geomechanics Newsletter No. 34

L’hiver arrive! We will miss this past Fall since it brought with it an incredible amount of production from the GéoMécanique group here in Grenoble. In total we had three students successfully defend their theses, six journal publications, a grant from AUGC, and the commencement of another fleet of 26 MSc students from 13 countries.  Read on for details!


Thesis Season 

Our very own Cyrille Couture brilliantly defended his PhD thesis on October 22, 2020, entitled “Mechanical characterization of porous sandstones in true triaxial conditions: diffuse and localized deformation, effect of anisotropy”. Good job Cyrille!



The one and only Floriana Anselmucci defended her PhD thesis which covered an experimental investigation of the mechanical response of sand to plant root growth. Lot’s of fun images! Great job Floriana!



The hyper smart Qiangqiang Sun successfully defended his PhD on “Seismic response of tunnels in soils: From deterministic to probabilistic approaches.” We look forward to all your future work!



Master’s program, commence!

Another Fall, another round of the famous MSc program “Geomechanics, Civil Engineering and Risks”. November 2 welcomes a shiny new class of 26 master students, coming from 13 different countries (including Africa, Europe, Asia, and South America). Interestingly, we’re doing very well in terms of gender equality: there are 13 men and 13 women in the class! So far, all the teaching is remote (via zoom), but we expect to meet these students in person when they start their master’s projects, in early March 2021.


AUGC Grant:

The famous clay trio, Angela Casarella, Alessandro Tarantino, and Alice Di Donna, received a grant from AUGC: Association Universitaire de Génie Civil to present their paper “Micromechanical interpretation of thermo-plastic behaviour of clays”  at ICEGT 2020 (rescheduled in April 2022). The paper has already been published with the other conference proceedings here:

A look at some recent publications

And let’s not forget about all the hard working authors pumping 3SR journal publications out the door!

Rorato R., Arroyo, M., Andò  E., Gens A., Viggiani G. (2020) – Linking shape and rotation of grains during triaxial compression of sand. Granular Matter (accepted September 2020).

Doreau-Malioche J., Combe G., Viggiani G. (2020) – Étude du comportement de l’interface sable-pieu sous chargement axial monotone et cyclique à l’échelle granulaire. Revue Française de Géotechnique (accepted September 2020).

Wiebicke M., Herle I., Andò E., Viggiani G. (2020) – Measuring the fabric evolution of sand – application and challenges. Geotechnik (accepted November 2020)

Martinez, A., DeJong, J., et al. (60 authors including Viggiani G.) (2020) – Bio-inspired Geotechnical Engineering: Principles, Current Work, Opportunities, and Challenges. Géotechnique (accepted November 2020)

Rorato R., Arroyo, M., Gens A., Andò E., Viggiani G. (2020) – Image-based calibration of rolling resistance in discrete element models of sand. Computers and Geotechnics (accepted December 2020)

Borela R., Frost J.D., Viggiani G., Anselmucci F. (2020) – Earthworm-inspired robotic locomotion in sand: an experimental study using x-ray tomography. Géotechnique Letters (accepted December 2020).


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